Starting Your copywriting Project

If you would like to know how my copywriting services can help with your project, the first step is to contact me via email or phone. Generally, I respond to inquiries within 48 hours if not sooner. This initial consultation is a brief talk and is completely free.

The more information about your project you have to share during the initial consultation, the better. Think about drafting an outline of what you want to cover in your marketing collateral. For instance, if you need website content, make an outline or list of pages you that need content. Try to have an idea of the length in terms of how many words will be needed, and if I will need to interview other sources to create your content. It’s also helpful to know if I will need to hold a consultation or conference call(s) with you or your team members. (These are all factors in helping me give you a quote.) 

After we discuss your project, I will devise a quote for you. I typically submit this via email so you have something in writing. My quotes generally are not estimates—the price I give you is what you will pay. This ensures that you can accurately budget for your project and don’t run into unexpected costs. We also discuss a timeline that is mutually agreed upon.

The Contract

Once the quote is accepted, I will email or fax over my standard written agreement (it’s not that scary, I promise). This agreement helps ensure that you get your work delivered on time and that I get paid in a timely fashion. I tailor the contract to meet your individual needs. It includes a deadline in writing so you know when you’ll have a first draft in your hands.

Many clients have asked me to sign their written agreements as well—such as non-compete agreements—and I am happy to honor their requests in most cases.

The Consultation

After you have retained me for your project, I am available for a more in-depth consultation, which typically is conducted over the phone. Any background materials you have can be presented. We’ll discuss concepts like messaging a little more and I answer any questions you have.

During the copywriting consultation, I often ask my clients to be prepared with any samples of collateral that they like—even that of their competitors. This helps me get a gist for your tone and style you want the writing to take. The more I have to go on, the better. From there, I will complete your content according to the deadline we set.

Pricing and Fees

My freelance copywriting and editing hourly rates start at $35 per hour. I usually work on lump-sum fee for most projects. More specifically, I use this website as a basis for my professional pricing.

Usually, I require half of the project fee upfront and the balance is due upon project completion.


Typically, it takes about a week or so to turn around most projects and I let you know upfront about my availability to meet your deadline. I stick to deadlines like glue because hiring a copywriter is about more than getting good content—it's about actually delivering the content when the client needs it, and you deserve your deliverables on time. Rush fees are available.


With any project, I always allow for revisions and editing because my goal is to meet your individual needs. Generally, I like to give at least one round of complimentary adjustments to any project, and additional editing rounds will be billed at an hourly rate.


Payments can be made via check or PayPal. I also charge 1.5% interest after 30 days of an unpaid invoice unless otherwise noted in writing with the client.

Client Satisfaction

Meeting the needs of my clients is my top priority, and I have designed my business processes to help make the copywriting process simple.

When you hire me as your copywriter, you can be assured you’re working with a diligent, competentn copywriter that goes beyond delivering the first draft. I like to think of myself as your communications partner, which means we collaborate to produce content you can be proud of.

While I do not refund money if you’re not happy with the first draft of your collateral, I work with you until it meets your expectations—and hopefully exceeds them.


Extras: Add-on Services/Referrals

Press Placement

Due to my background in journalism and reporting, I know how to get your press release or other content to the appropriate media outlets. Nominal rates for this additional service are determined by your needs, and can be outlined in our service agreement.


Please note that I do not physically produce [copy, print or distribute] any of the materials I create. Many companies have the capability for production at their offices via copy machines or via printers. If you’re interested in production, I can offer a referral. Final drafts of the materials I create are presented to clients via e-mail or computer disc.

Graphic Design

If your project requires creating a graphic design that I am not capable of, I am happy to offer quality referrals.

SEO Optimization

I also offer SEO copywriting services where I optimize your digital content with keywords. I usually do not charge extra for this; I simply ask for a list of keywords you’d like to include. I can do some research to identify strong keywords for you.


Hiring the Right Copywriter

If you’re thinking about using a copywriter, make sure you choose someone who knows how to write, knows how to customize and target content, works collaboratively, and delivers the collateral on time. (You’d be surprised how many clients tell me they can’t find copywriters that possess these traits!)

I do all of that and more, and I try to make the process enjoyable. I want you to love the content I create, and I like working with people to ensure they receive a quality product. Check out what my clients have to say about working with me on the at my LinkedIn profile.

Let's connect regarding your content needs. Send me an email at or call me at 732.746.3721 during regular business hours on weekdays (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) to inquire about your project.